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Redhat srpm

Index of /redhat/linux/enterprise/6Server/en/os/SRPMS ds-base, Apr , M. [ ], Hi > > Manny times when I download I see files called srpm and rpm what are > they? > Rpm files are compiled software packages for Fedora. Index of /pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/7Server/en/RHEMRG-RHEL7/SRPMS. Parent Directory · ·

Index of /pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/beta/SAM/SRPMS rubygem-ParseTree- Index of /pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/7Server/en/RHS/SRPMS gluster-colonizer Index of /pub/redhat/linux/enterprise/5Server/en/os/SRPMS. Parent Directory · ·

Previously, the starting point had been source RPM (SRPM) files that Red Previously, the SRPMs that were signed with Red Hat's key would. You may want to look for SRPMs from other distros based on Red Hat, such as Scientific Linux, since they will tend to be compatible with the. Index of /srpms//redhat/rhel-5Server-x86_64/ check_postgresrhel5, Oct , K, application/x-redhat-package-. How can I use yum to download source packages instead of manually downloading every single package from RHN / CentOS / RedHat Ftp.

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