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X feeder triggers

You can save the trigger files offered in each example, and then open them in your copy X-Feeder, ready for use. In order to save a file right-click on the link. Triggers with tag "BACK". +1. Back on Only one has 21 pts with partial loss recoupment. Back on selection "Only one has 21 pts" after it has lost 3 consecutive. Triggers with tag "Hi-Lo". +1. Laying on Card 11 and backing on every other selection. In the first round of each game place a lay bet on selection "Card 11" and.

Xfeeder triggers for betfair exchange, HILO, black jack black jack, poker. Developing and selling X-Feeder triggers + other automation scripts. Loss recouping: No Trigger's Description: Trigger with strategy for BetFair Hi Lo game. Does anyone really have a winning trigger that winning day out and . I have been making triggers for almost all X-Games with X-Feeder for.

After trialling various strategies and triggers with time machine, I'm profits with x -feeder, and Betfair have this well and truely stitched up.

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