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Rockbox for ipod nano 5g

I started a topic because i got a Ipod nano 5G 16GB (not to be confused with Ipod 5G video) and so I dont know if this is player is supported. There is no port of Linux (or anything at all) to the iPod Nano 5G. There is a port to the iPod Video 5G, which was done by a lot of the same. free time which volunteer developers are able to provide. There may be a nano 5g port at some point in the future, but it will only happen when.

iPod 7th Gen Working On Manual Install. I completely restored my ipod with itunes, stopped ihelper in the task . In *my* iPod Nano 5G?. i recently purchased two ipods from craigslist, one is a ipod video (30gb) and the other is an ipod nano (2gb) the ipod video was horrendously. The Rockbox iPod port page The iPodPatcher is what installs the bootloader on the device, and more information on that can be found here, Nano 2nd Gen.

Hi, I have a Nano 5g, and I'm trying to get the boot loader onto my iPod. I got Rockbox to install properly, but since there is no boot loader I. Hi, i've just got an iPod Nano 5th gen and i want to know if Rockbox works on it. does all the functions of Apple's firmware works?? Like the. Unfortunately, this video is only for those with a 2nd generation iPod Nano, and for those that have Windows. Downloads needed are listed here: Rockbox. Install RockBox on an IPod (easy Steps): This instructable i am going to show you how to it can be a nano 1st gen, ipod 1g,2g,3g,4g or 5g but not classic.

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