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Bionicle mata nui game 2

Skip Intro | Edit State | Restart Game. In Flash Player 11 and newer, this game crashes after the opening cutscene. Click "Skip Intro" above to bypass. Mata Nui Online Game II was an online game created by Templar Studios and was released on in June 26, It was a sequel to the first. The Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, also known as the MNOG II or It was briefly taken offline while was redesigned during

The Mata Nui Online Game II Walkthrough on the BIONICLEsector01 Wiki is an online resource created to guide players through the story and gameplay of the. In the Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, the Ga-Matoran Hahli collected and used several tools, supplies and artifacts during her travels of the island. Directed by Christian Faber. Hahli, a shy Ga-Matoran flax maker travels around the island of Mata Nui to prepare for her big game at the Kolhii Championship.

Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle (commonly up to (and completely skim over) the finale of the first major arc of the Bionicle line. I have all the Bionicle games from when you could download, from MNOG to Agori Defender. I'll put popular ones on MediaFire if you want.

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