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Noise pollution ppt

Presentation by Shouryadipta Ghosh & Pratik Pattnaik at IIT BBS. Presented to Sir Zahidullah Presented by Saba Shahzadi. When there is lot of noise in the environment, it is termed as noise pollution. Sound becomes undesirable when it disturbs the normal activities such as working.

NOISE POLLUTION: refers to the sounds in the environment that are caused by humans that interferes with naturally occurring sounds thus disrupting or even. 10 Jan - 3 min - Uploaded by Pranao Sinha Noise Pollution PPT. Pranao Sinha. Loading Unsubscribe from Pranao Sinha? Cancel. Chapter 14 – Noise Pollution and Control. Hwk#7 review questions – pp #6,8,15, practice prob. – p -#2,7,9, Noise – is an undesirable and.

Noise Pollution PPT and Free PDF: can be defined as the excessive noise that disturbs the activities of animals or humans, causes and effects. Noise Pollution: attendant “necessary evil”? Progressive transformation over 40 years From entrepot trade to manufacturing Now increasingly supported by. Sound, a manifestation of vibration, travels in wave patterns through solids, liquids Many conflicts over noise pollution are handled by negotiation between the.

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