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Mirc dark skin

Change Colors. mIRC uses black text on a white background by default because this allows colored text to appear clearly and crisply. However, if you find the. 1, Black, (0,0,0). 2, Blue, (0,0,). 3, Green, (0,,0). 4, Light Red, (,0,0). 5, Brown, (,0,0). 6, Purple, (,0,). 7, Orange, (,,0). 8, Yellow. mIRC is a shareware IRC client for Windows. mIRC is a highly configurable IRC client with all the goodies other clients on UNIX, Macintosh and Black Hole .

My Theme Engine gives your mIRC a unique look and allows you to load custom theme files to Dark Theme should now load. alias skin {. screenshot. Author: RoadRunner. Description: A dark theme optimized for working on a monitor set to minimum brightness and for secure communication. More dark Quassel. Submitted by Sputnick on Mon, 08/31/ - Screenshots. More dark Quassel. jussi01 has created this dark theme using the new.

About a year back I wanted to use a dark theme for my mirc chat The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of. Mibbit is a fully featured IRC Client. Mibbit IRC WebChat to control the way Mibbit works for you with a bunch of preferences for colours, smileys, and skins.

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