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Shion town theme

Shion Town is actually the Japanese name for Lavender Town. Anyway, I decided to do it again, this time, Lavender Town's theme has been. beatmaps» Junichi Masuda - Shion Town no Thema. I didn't know this was the lavender town theme until right now I realized I've owned it. Lavender Town is a fictional village in the Pokémon Red and Blue video games. Stylized as a that gave hundreds of Japanese children seizures. The " Lavender Town" theme was rerecorded for the Pokémon Go Halloween event.

I also pulled the original Shion Town (Japanese name) theme song, which is only long, and confirmed that there is no strange ghost. Read about Shion Town no Theme from Junichi Masuda's 10th Anniversary Pokémon Happy Birthday Concert - Junichi Masuda Selection CD and see the. A small town covered in a beautiful hue of purple. . Lavender Town (Japanese: シオンタウン Shion Town) is a small town located in northeast Kanto, just south.

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