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Hole wizard favorites.mdb

I am trying to figure out the default setting for the hole wizard favorites folder location, and also where to find file. I have a coworker. In this tech tip you will learn how to create a SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard Favorite to drill custom holes into your part faster. Some of you probably have seen this error in your SW program when you try to use Hole Wizard feature. Several reasons can cause this: mdb.

hole wizard not working, receiving this error message, (message in jpg default file located in "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks. On the computer with our custom hole wizard data, we made a Only one file was found: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\data\ is a file that stores hole wizard favorite information. Two possible solutions are 1) Rename the existing (to say.

favorites. Hole WizardFavorites storetypesofholes that you use frequently so that Favorites are saved to a database named as you create them. Shared Toolbox installations share a between several users, making Hole Wizard Favorites available to everyone. I cover how to set up shared.

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