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Sun pkcs#11

The Sun PKCS#11 provider, in contrast to most other providers, does not implement cryptographic algorithms itself. Instead, it acts as a bridge between the Java  Configuration - Troubleshooting PKCS#11 - Disabling PKCS#11 - Token Login. This article describes how Sun Java System Application Server Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition, when run on the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition. public SunPKCS11() {. super("SunPKCSDummy", d, "SunPKCSDummy ");. throw new ProviderException. ("SunPKCS11 requires configuration file.

This page provides Java code examples for konzol.infonPKCS The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. I noticed looking at the javadoc for configure: Apply the supplied configuration argument to this provider instance and return the configured. PKCS11Constants.*; /** * PKCS#11 provider main class. * * @author Andreas Sterbenz * @since */ public final class SunPKCS11 extends AuthProvider.

52 53 /** 54 * PKCS#11 provider main class. 55 * 56 * @author Andreas Sterbenz 57 * @since 58 */ 59 public final class SunPKCS11 extends AuthProvider. PKCS11 is a standard that defines platform-independent API to cryptographic tokens such as hardware security modules. SoftHSM is a. A DESCRIPTION OF THE REQUEST: x64 builds od JRE and JDK are missing the SunPKCS11 provider for accessing PKCS#11 security tokens. You cannot.

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