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Isapi redirector

The Tomcat redirector requires three entities: - The IIS ISAPI redirector plugin, either obtain a pre-built DLL or build it yourself (see the build. This document explains how to set up the ISAPI redirector for IIS to cooperate with Tomcat. Normally IIS can not execute Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs ). The Apache Tomcat Connectors project is part of the Tomcat project and provides web server plugins to connect web servers with Tomcat and other backends.

The is a version of mod_jk compiled as an ISAPI Filter (not Application) for IIS. 01, # Configuration file for the Jakarta ISAPI Redirector. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Apache Software Foundation\Jakarta Isapi Redirector\ If the Apache Software Foundation key does. Configuration file for the ISAPI Redirector # Extension uri definition extension_uri =c:\connectors\ # Full path to the log file for the ISAPI.

Microsoft IIS is now configured to use the ISAPI Redirector. Next, Section , “Configure the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to Accept Requests From. How is Tomcat/ISAPI redirector logging enabled (on Windows with IIS)?. Version 1. Created by Knowledge Admin on Dec 4, PM. Last modified by. Hi! After trying to set up an ISAPI Redirect .dll ) on my Windows Server R2 64 Bit with no success for almost a week, I'm quite. Configure IIS server properties ISAPI and CGI Restrictions. Add Path C:\tomcat8\ bin\ with description Tomcat Isapi Redirect.

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