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You can download WebPI v5 RTW (and the included from the links below: By downloading and using the Web Platform  WebPI Command line - Downloading WebPI. WebPI Command line. The Web Platform Installer v4 (WebPI) command line tool is now available as a separate download! We've added a. II Forums Answerer II. View Profile. November 25, 0. 0; 0. A new preview version of the WebPI command line tool ( has been released.

The only way I could get this to work was by using tools from sysinternals and using /s option to have the process run under the. Has anybody had any luck using the to automate the installation Framework 4 remotely. I am trying to do it with. /Offline /Products:PHP56 /Path:C:\webpioff. You can copy this folder to the server without internet access, launch web platform.

An alternative to this, is to use the included WebPiCmd utility to first create an /Install /Products:UrlRewrite2,StaticContent. WebPiCmd Verbose: 0: Executing command: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\WebpiCmd-xexe" /Install. C:\> choco install webpicmd. To upgrade PowerShell: C:\> choco upgrade webpicmd Platform Installer\ Filename:; Size: KiB ( bytes); Type: peexe assembly; Description: PE32 executable (console) Intel Mono/.

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