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Ps3ita manager 4.70 dex

1 Mar - 12 min - Uploaded by Crystall I made this video in a hurry, i was already late showing this since i didn't feel % sure to. 12 May - 2 min - Uploaded by airartube PS3ita Manager v by airartube. Loading. . Habib Cex To PS3ITA (DEX) PS3ITA CFW + COBRA + Spoof. UPDATE v NOTE: Ps3ita Manager does not support this CFW!!!! -SOURCE.

PS3ITA Manager vU by Rancid-o. Last Release: Feb 18, Downloads: PS3ita Manager is a backup manager based on the open source code. Install or remove the spoof on the CFW DEX, COBRA DEX e DEX NOTE: Ps3ita Manager does not support this CFW!!!. Das PS3 ITA Team bringt eine DEX CFW Sie bietet Cobra Funktionen, integrierten Webman & Spoofer. System Manager integrated (only NORMAL mode) Full support to TMAPI, ProDG.

PS3ITA DEX CFW Updated: PS3ITA v (DEX) - COBRA & Version Spoof We have updated NOTE: Ps3ita Manager does not support this CFW!. This version of SEN Enabler is universal, works on CEX and DEX Spoofer Works on CFW: . does the ps3 ita manager works?. This is a friendly guide for both CEX and DEX CFW PS3s. Yeah, you need to spoof to first man. I have a gta bles folder in multiman and a blus gta v folder in ps3ita manager and that supposed to happen?.

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