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HRESULT MFGetService(IUnknown *punkObject, REFGUID guidService, REFIID riid, LPVOID *ppvObject);. Download and install to fix missing or corrupted DLL errors. Free, Safe and Secure. I am getting this error message when trying to launch Sonar Platinum: The procedure entry point MFGetService could not be located in the.

MFGetMultipleServiceProviders, MFGetService. MFGetSupportedMimeTypes, MFGetSupportedSchemes. MFGetSystemId, MFGetTopoNodeCurrentType. try { hr = konzol.infoervice(m_pSession, MFServices. MR_VIDEO_RENDER_SERVICE, typeof(IMFVideoDisplayControl).GUID, out o);. MFGetService(session, konzol.info_POLICY_VOLUME_SERVICE, typeof( IMFSimpleAudioVolume).GUID, out o); m_volume.

First of all, your question is not actually related to AAC. You don't do AAC files here and your file is a MPEG-4 file (konzol.info4 however your. C language function:MFGetService sample codes. Search sample code in the is the result. TITLE: More Media Info with Media Foundation | Pavel's. MFGetService' used by L"C:\\windows\\system32\\" err:module: find_forwarded_export module not found for forward 'MFCORE. MFGetService. Bug ID: Summary: Unimplemented function konzol.infoervice.

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