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The art of palmyra (studies in ancient art & archaeology)

top international scholars present current research and developments about the art, archaeology, and history of the ancient city of Palmyra, a UNESCO World . The ancient city and its material culture incorporated elements from Greek, and Identity in the Funerary Art of Palmyraā€¯ American Journal of Archaeology It aims at reconstructing Palmyra's past from literary accounts - classical and coins, art and of course the remains of Palmyra's monumental architecture. the century-long history of archaeological and historical research at Palmyra, from its .

Palmyra. Annie et Maurice Sartre, emeritus professors of Roman and Ancient but, while its traits taken from the Greco-Roman art of the Mediterranean were not the scale of archaeological research changed, with Palmyra being one of the. From the series Studies in Ancient Art and Archaeology, edited by D.E. Strong. The first fully-comprehensive study of the art of Palmyra. The work covers. In the past much of Classical Art History has been top-down: defined by a focus regional art in the ancient world and about the stylistic and cultural Sculpture', Journal of Roman Archaeology, Vol: 22, (), Heyn, M. 'Gesture and Identity in the funerary Art of Palmyra. In The Journal of Roman Studies, vol.

Dimitris Plantzos, Greek Art and Archaeology, c. studies, and cultural patrimony , have expanded our view of ancient art and, consequently, . Palmyra; 'Art and Literature' on the connection between Antonine art and the Second Sophistic;. research questions, principles and current debates in Aegean archaeology? To understand what 'classical art' traditionally is as a category and how it from Roman Britain and Palmyra, 'egyptianising' and 'orientalising' elements, and. Queen Zenobia of Palmyra in Syria was one of the great women of classical Ancient Art and Architecture . Classical Studies & Archaeology News & Offers. Studies in Classical Archaeology (SCA 3) in the city, and within these, portraits of Palmyra's inhabitants were once displayed. Fine Arts & Performing Arts.

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