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Transformers the game pc cutscenes

I just got the game installed today and I "was" so excited. As I'm playing I notice no cutscenes play, not even the credits! So what's wrong?. Regardless, my current PC uses Windows 7, but I discovered that game to run regardless BUT the game does not show any of the cutscenes. Windows, June 19, Transformers: The Game guide at StrategyWiki · Transformers: The Game at Wikipedia Middleware, Notes. Cutscenes, Bink Video.

Alright, For some reason the cutscenes of The Transformers Game doesn't run, I have a lot of bik files in fmv/MultiLang BTW i know this game is old but one of the Why doesn't my Transformers 2 PC game run smoothly?. Action Replay Codes Transformers Autobot If you select a vehicle from the list of the other game, you'll HAVE TO have the PC | Submitted by Predmann.

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