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Arashi 5x10 concert livejournal

Arashi 5x10 Tokyo Dome Concert 12/6. Yay! It was still as amazing as ever. A little higher than last night, but closer to being along the center. There were a lot of. Arashi's Friday 5x10 Concert Well, to sum it up the concert was amazing. So I already went Thursday morning hella early to get the goods I wanted. Took me 4 . ▽Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 (Released: April 7, ) Disc 1 / Disc 2 / DVD Extras [] August Digest / DVD Extras Dome Digest (MC Digest).

Arashi - One Love [Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10] & One Love [Arashi Around Asia It kind of was thanks to that drama that I started listening to Arashi's music and Tags: anniversary tour 5x10, arashi, arashi around asia , concert, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, OpenId, Google, MailRu, VKontakte, Anonymously. My long awaited Arashi 5x10 Concert finished downloading and I finished watching it XD It was amazing, like amazing is the only word to describe it. By far, this. I've finished watching 5x10 concert last night, Finally I was watching it with seacode!! and as I promised Tags: aiba, arashi, caps, concert, dvd, jun, ohno, sho.

i hv decided to buy the "Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 DVD" the only Arashi concert i have was their "1st Suppin' Arashi" concert vcd i bought. I've ripped the audio from Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 DVD Somehow I love concert rips because it sound so live (?) I've put all the details for the song like. ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x10 Concert Goods Nino's 見知らぬ乗客 Butai Goods UPDATED WITH PREVIEWS OF MANY NEW GOODS!. I started to download their songs and I made the best purchase of my life: Arafes Live Concert. This concert sealed my love for Arashi, even my sister became a.

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