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The visECAD Viewer gives read only access to complete schematic and layout design data in an easy to use Windows application. Free. No cost, no charge for. This video demonstrates the capability that is part of the free visECAD product license. It can be used to view CCZ files produced from xDX Designer, Xpedition xPCB Layout, PADS Layout and CAMCAD. Mentor Graphics PCB Design: Touch the Future Now. This video demonstrates the additional capability of the purchased visECAD product over the free visECAD product. Schematic and layout files can be.

visECAD Collaboration Solutions The visECAD Viewer gives read-only access to complete PCB schematic and layout design data in an easy-to-use Windows. visECAD Free CCZ viewer — Available for download over the web. • visECAD — The base product for viewing schematic and layout and cross probing between. Autoflip, which automatically shows selected-component side. • Manufacturing collaboration supports variants, fiducials, test points, and tooling holes. visECAD.

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