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Nfs 911 gt3 cup

The Porsche GT3 RS () is a track-oriented Porsche first shown at the Geneva Motor Show. It produces more power than that of the GT3 (), and that of the previous generation GT3 RS (). The Porsche GT3 RS appears in Need for Speed: No Limits as a reward for. The stock variant of the Porsche GT3 RS is featured as a Tier 4 car in Need for Speed: The Run. It also appears as the Tier 5 "Falken Signature Edition" . Vehicle Disambiguation There are multiple models of the Porsche GT3. Need for Speed: Prostreet Need for Speed: Rivals Cup () Need for.

The Porsche GT3 RS () is a high-performance lightweight variant of the GT3. It was mainly designed as a homologation model for the Porsche Porsche () GT3 CUP for Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed.

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