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Krdc remote desktop

KRDC is a client application that allows you to view or even control the desktop session on another machine that is running a compatible server. VNC and RDP. Connecting Remote Desktop Connection to compatible servers It is very easy to use Remote Desktop Connection - it has a simple interface, as shown in the. Connecting Remote Desktop Connection to compatible servers. If you want to start Remote Desktop Connection from Konsole, the command is krdc.

Remote Desktop Client. Contribute to KDE/krdc development by creating an account on GitHub. KDE fans can use any of the other remote desktop clients, but if you prefer an app that is native to KDE, krdc is your option. krdc is a small and. KRDC is a remote desktop application by KDE with features like screenshots, shortcuts, customizable tab bar allowing more features than.

KRDC (VNC/RDP based): Next up, we have a great KDE application that mirrors the same functionality as Vinagre. The great thing is that KRDC feels very. I have been using a number of Remote desktop clients to connect to some family members What I am getting out of KRDC is a blue screen. I have a virtual machine with Windows 7 on my server and I use(d) KRDC to connect to it from my laptop (over RDP). Everything worked just.

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