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Hercules rmx virtual dj

The Hercules RMX is a very popular controller to use with VirtualDJ. To use this controller with VirtualDJ you must have version 5rev7 or above. Hercules DJ Console RMX You will need to install the drivers from here.. http:// Hercules rmx. my question is, if I buy vdj8, do I have to remove / uninstall vdj pro6? will vdj8 recognize my Hercules rmx after I download it?.

Hercules RMX Laptop XP with Hercules software/driver updated. Virtual DJ 7 pro. Mic connected to RMX HeadPhone connected to RMX Issue. VirtualDJ 5 DJ Console Ed - Guide - EN, English How can I configure the effects buttons of the DJ Console Rmx in Virtual DJ Pro?. Hercules RMX DJ Console with Virtual DJ | KPODJ.

This Hercules DJ Console RMX Kit is exclusive to B&H customers, and includes a Marathon road case. The Hercules DJ Console is a professional USB DJ. You can't beat the price. I wish it came with virtual DJ pro 7 instead of 5 limited version. I upgraded mine to vdj 7 (best software ever by the way) after a month. As mentioned above, the DJ Console Rmx Controller comes with DJ software, VirtualDJ 5 DJC Edition that works with both PCs and Macs. VirtualDJ 5 DJC.

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