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Drilling billy full version

Click DOWNLOAD - it takes a while; Unpack; Open the Billy If you have downloaded the game earlier you can download the full game . AKA. Billy / The Worlds of Billy / Antoshka. The official page for the DOS/ OS2 game Piet N. Kargaard - game design, graphics. Troels Nordfalk -. Drilling Billy. Free to try Metronome Windows/3.x Version Full Specs is a platform game in which you must guide power toolâ??happy Billy.

software. Drilling Billy. Emulator dosbox. Emulator_ext zip. Emulator_start billy. exe. Identifier msdos_msdos_Billy_shareware_shareware. Drilling Billy is a Lode Runner style single-screen platforming game where the Drilling Billy Full Version (, 39,k) - This is the full version from. Drilling Billy · · PC, MS- Rename the file to SAVEGAME and replace the old save file located in \Game\SETTINGS (direct download). Rename the file to.

Game | Drilling Billy | PC | Download | Play online | Page 1. Drilling Billy. likes. 2D platform game for DOS (and OS2) - a.k.a. Billy a.k.a. Worlds of Billy - or - Antoshka. Released in English, Esperanto.

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