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Guild wars 2 folder

For Guild Wars 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled I started it in the downloads folder, but I see no real installation or even. The file may also be found under the Guild Wars 2 folder located in your Documents folder. If it exists, it will take priority. Anyone knows is it now possible to choose the installation directory when installing Guild Wars 2?.

Hey guys, I'm having a problem with the installation file. So I know that Guild Wars 2 used to install whereever you put the exe in. Now, with. But in this case, the only GW2 file showing up is a 20MB folder that contains an empty Music folder. My only option if I want to play is going back. Was just coming back to GW2 after not playing for a while.. no matter what I can't seem move the Exe to the folder you want then run the exe?.

I have noticed that within the game installation folder there are no utilities, simply the game executable and a handful of data files. Are there any. In your %LOCALAPPDATA%\YoloMouse folder, there should be a file called after Guild Wars 2, something like * or * where. Gw2Hook is a fork of ReShade which target only Guild Wars 2. 2. Go to your GuildWars 2 installation directory. 3. Extract the zip in this folder in order to merge . It says that I've downloaded everything, and I can run the game, but, no shortcuts are made, and there's no Guild Wars 2 folder in the bottle.

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