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Final approach georges lorsche

There is one product in cyberspace that should be registered by every virtual pilot : Final Approach by Georges Lorsche. You can download it free Latest version. I just downloaded ver of this but I cannot register it as the authors web page is no longer there. Does anyone know if this is freeware?. I have never been able to demonstrate it to the dealer as it has stopped juddering within the first mile or two.

Georges Lorsche. A viation has fascinated me since I was a kid. After I got my first PC in , my wife Patricia surprized me with FS II as a. Final Approach: Electronic Approach Chart Atlas. Publication date Topics DOS License freeware. Named-persons Georges Lorsche. Georges Lorsche was credited on a game as early as and as recently as Airport Volume 1 (), (Final Approach, Approach Chart Atlas.

Final Approach, created by Georges Lorsche of Luxembourg, is a Windows- based program that easily generates and stores instrument approach charts for. Just out of curiosity - does anyone know Georges Lorsche or have any way registering or getting a copy of a function version of Final Approach.

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